Hello Fellow Travelers

I have decided to change the format of my site. I am now going to do more talking and less showing!!!

Let me begin by saying that picking a travel destination is not always easy, unless of course you like to the same thing year after year, ie: mexico, hawaii, disneyland.........

Perhaps you like a particular sport, weeellllll, there are all kinds of  far away places that specialize in whatever you are interested in.

Take me, as your first example, I like to bike ride, so I have in the last few years,I have  taken a bike ride through Vietnam and India. I chose places that were not on the beaten track and it was Great!  

If you are a hiker, perhaps branching out and hiking thru Burma or Nepal, the later I did about 5 years ago. What an experience!!!  As I started the journey with two other persons and 3 guides I thought to myself I really should have trained for this three day hike to Ghorapani.  I was exhaused each and every night, BUT, what an adventure!!!  Food and people and just the experience of DOING. I am so glad I didn't over think it or I probably would have not gone.

So what I am trying to say is, let your imagination wander a bit, let me help you find something INTERESTING  and fun.


                     Anacanda snake in the Amazon                       Hiking in Nepal

                                                                     Mongolia meeting and riding with the locals



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